Wishes comes true

Make your wishes comes true, with these five tips

on June 21, 2018

What would you do, if you just wake up find out that your long cherished dream becomes true? What if you could find a magical way to make your wishes come true in 2018? There has been a prosperous union between Taurus and Uranus so it could help you to achieve the dreams and goals. Both Uranus and Taurus are helpful in to visualize am extravagant dream. The union is helpful to make to attain material things like success, wealth and appearances. So it is the ideal time to set aside the worries and focus on the energies of what your heart desires the most.

You don't always have to consult the professionals, to fulfill every tiniest desire of yours. You need to focus on the future "you" rather than present or past "you". You must visualize yourself about the future situations.

Life is not perfect but you could make it as perfect as you can with the help of Wish craft.

Here are simple tips you can follow

Writing always helps to emphasize on your dreams and desires. It would also help you to sort out the goals. You could use a piece of paper or send an email to your future self. Memos, reminder could also be useful if you want keep the writing with you all the time. You could act like the best friend of "Future" you. You could send him or her constant updates regarding every detail.

Carry a talisman: Any piece of jewellery or personal belongings could serve the purpose of talisman. You could use any type rings, chains of family hair loom and consider it as the protector from evil energy. Talismans not necessarily have to be very expensive, but you have to be attached with it.

Speak about your wishes to close one: You could always talk about your desires to one of your close friend. It could also help you to feel positive without being erratic.

Sending text messages: You could create a Whatsapp group, consisting of think alike members. You must use present tense instead of future tense when you talk about your wishes and dreams.

Enabling reminder on your phones: Writing a goal on the memo of your phone and setting reminder on the phone could help you to stay constantly motivated and connected.

You have to keep faith in yourself if you want to make your dreams come true. Your present actions always determine the consequences of future. You could say hello to a unknown stranger or arrange a business meeting that could change way course of your goal. You are the owner of your own future; no one else can snatch it.