Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Moon is the ruler of your zodiac sign if you are born between 21st June to 22nd July. You are known to be as welcoming and warm. You are a family person and love your home very much. Cancerian can be very courageous while making their home the best place for their loved ones. You have a warm affinity towards children and love to live close with the children. Despite being soft and warm in nature, deep down you are very resilient. Very few people get to encounter the tough side of you.

Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, and Scorpio are compatible with Cancers.

Horoscope predictions for 2018

Beginning of 2018 is very crucial for Cancers; there are occurrences of Supermoon on the 2nd of January as well on 31st January. The events of Supermoon will bring both positive and negative energies in your life since the moon is the ruler of your zodiac sign. Saturn will be positioned in the 7th house, so it could delay your marriage and business commitments. So, the first quarter of this year could be tough on Cancerians, but you don't need to worry, because situations will improve with time. Jupiter will transit to Cancer with Mars after 1st week of March. It will bring better opportunities related to business ideas, families and children.

In the middle of the year, fiery Mars will retrograde in the 8th house, so it will create situations for a sizzling romance. The 8th house represents psychic ability, death, rebirth, romance and conjugal relationship by the virtue of Mars. Uranus will overtake the 11th house of your zodiac sign from the middle of May to November and it will create opportunities to come via technology. If you let go of your past, 2018 can be promising for you.